Proper home thermostat placement supports optimum performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. The thermostat cycles your furnace or air conditioner unit on and off according to the desired settings programmed in the unit. This critical function in turn depends upon accurate thermostat temperature readings. Because temperatures vary according to location throughout any home, thermostat placement is vital for proper HVAC operation and low costs.

The following are some simple steps to ensure that home thermostat placement is optimum:

  • The best location for your thermostat is an interior wall in a central area of the house, such as an open living room that is usually comfortable at normal temperatures. Don’t install the thermostat in an enclosed room.
  • Exterior walls are not a good spot for thermostat placement because outdoor heat and cold affect the temperature of the wall and may therefore skew thermostat readings.
  • Avoid placing the unit near sunlight coming directly through windows, as well as proximity to window air conditioners, portable heaters, or central heating/cooling vents.
  • Stoves and other appliances generate heat, so don’t place a thermostat in or immediately adjacent to a kitchen. 
  • Thermostat placement on the wall should be between 52 and 60 inches above the floor.
  • Because heat rises inside a two-story home, always install the thermostat on the first floor. Don’t mount the thermostat in or close to the stairs leading upstairs.
  • Steam can distort thermostat readings, so the unit should not be placed near a bathroom door.
  • Many smart thermostats incorporate sensors that must not be blocked by large objects such as shelves, cabinets, or nearby doors that are frequently opening and closing. 
  • If a Wi-Fi thermostat is being installed, ensure that it is close enough to establish connection with the home router.
  • Once the thermostat is installed, clean it regularly to combat dust accumulation on the side or top of the unit that could obstruct air vents and distort temperature-sensing accuracy.

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