Home Insurance and Your HVAC: What Does it Cover?You pay premiums on a homeowners’ insurance policy every year, but the details of exactly what’s covered can be confusing. For instance, if your HVAC equipment gets damaged, fails or need a repair, is it covered by your home insurance? To provide some clarity, here’s a basic overview of HVAC issues and home insurance:

Home Insurance 101

Most insurance policies provide protection for a home’s structure, systems and contents from damages caused by certain perils. Some of the basic ones are fire, lightning, smoke, windstorms, hail, volcanic eruptions, explosions, damage from vehicles and theft/vandalism. Other policies include coverage for additional perils like heavy snow, ice and sleet, frozen/burst pipes and falling objects.

Situations Where HVAC Is Covered

If your HVAC components are harmed by one of the perils included in your insurance policy, the costs of repairing or replacing it should be covered. For example:

  • If a storm knocks a tree limb down and it damages or destroys your outdoor HVAC unit, that damage is covered.
  • If the A/C or heat pump compressor unit gets buried in snow and its piping freezes, your homeowner’s policy should cover repairs or a replacement.
  • If a power surge from a direct lightning hit on your home fries the electrical components in your HVAC system, the damages are covered.

Circumstances Where HVAC Is Not Covered

If your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace wears out with age, or breaks down or fails from inadequate maintenance, the resulting repairs or replacements aren’t covered by your home insurance. You also won’t have coverage if your basement floods during a storm or sewage backup and your furnace gets ruined.

Get To Know Your HVAC Coverage

To learn exactly what coverage you have, it’s wise to thoroughly read your homeowner’s insurance policy and talk with your insurer if you have questions. You might also consider buying a supplemental policy that protects against household equipment breakdowns and failures.

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