dehumidifier benefitsIndianapolis summers can be hot and steamy. High humidity is therefore prevalent in many local homes. In general, the HVAC system should be able to keep humidity at a reasonable level, say, below 50 percent. Otherwise, when humidity rises, you may experience problems such as discomfort (occupants feeling hot and sticky), allergic reactions, increase in dust mite population, and the growth of mold, mildew and fungus, and their attendant foul odors.

Sometimes your air conditioner may need some help to keep humidity in check. A dehumidifier can be the answer. Here are some dehumidifier benefits to ponder.

1. Decrease likelihood of mold, mildew and fungus.

These organisms thrive in damp environments. Perhaps your ceiling or plumbing has leaks, or your home is not well sealed against the infiltration of humid air. While you should certainly fix the cause of high moisture content in your home’s air, a dehumidifier can help bring the moisture level down level so you don’t have to worry about foul odors and damage to drywall, fabric, carpets and wood from mold.

2. Create a hostile environment for dust mites.

Dust mites love it when your home is warm and damp. Make things a little more uncomfortable for these microscopic creatures, which are the source of allergic reactions for many.

3. Keep your home’s occupants comfortable so they don’t need to lower the thermostat.

High humidity makes us feel warmer and stickier. Many people tend to compensate by lowering the thermostat. When your living space is drier — say 40 percent relative humidity — you’ll feel less need to use more energy to cool off.

4. Prevents condensation.

Homes with excessively high humidity often have condensation problems on windows, which can damage the windowsills. Condensation can also ruin wallpaper.

5. Prevents paper from curling and warping.

Books and other paper products can curl and warp from high humidity. Books loose their shape and paper becomes difficult to use.

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