Home Buying: Have an HVAC Inspection by a ProAn HVAC inspection goes well beyond the typical pre-sale evaluation performed by a home inspector. Before making a buying decision about a residence, it makes sense to give particular attention to the status of certain critical systems.

In most homes, the cooling and heating system accounts for over 40 percent of monthly energy expenses. If system components are marginal or outmoded, however, the costs of operating the A/C or furnace may be far higher. Here are some reasons to schedule a pre-sale HVAC inspection by a professional heating and cooling contractor before making a commitment to buy.

  • Home inspectors generally focus on the condition of the house structure as well as plumbing and electrical. Heating and cooling is not their area of expertise and most home inspectors have little formal training in the complexity of today’s HVAC systems. Simply determining that a furnace or A/C starts up when switched on is not an adequate inspection and evaluation of the system.
  • The age and condition of the system is critical information. If major system components such as the air conditioner compressor are marginal, you need to calculate the costs involved to replace those parts. Likewise, if you’re going to face the expense of replacing an aging system that is approaching the end of its expected service life, this is also vital to discover before you buy the house.
  • Ancillary elements of the HVAC system also play an important role in expected monthly operating costs as well as heating/cooling performance. Residential ductwork is frequently deteriorated and may dramatically increase energy expenses as cooling and heating is lost through leaks. An HVAC inspection including ductwork—most of which is hidden within the structure of the house—can help avoid unpleasant surprises after you buy.
  • Present owners of the home may not provide accurate information. Vital details such as a written record of annual HVAC preventive maintenance as well as recent repairs to the system may not be included in the typical pre-sale seller’s disclosure.

Protect yourself when buying a home by scheduling a pre-sale HVAC inspection. Contact the professionals at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

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