High-Efficiency Air Conditioners Offer Low Lifetime CostsHigh-efficiency air conditioners generally mean lower lifetime operating costs. Why should this matter to you as a homeowner? Just as you would save putting more money down when you purchase a vehicle, paying a little more initially for a high-efficiency air conditioner will net you higher energy savings over the life of the system. 

High-efficiency air conditioners have a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) than standard models. SEER shows how much energy is used to create cooled air over a cooling season, with high-efficiency systems generally scoring a SEER 16 or higher. It’s important to select a system that you can afford to purchase but that has a high enough SEER so that you’ll continue to save over the long term. The higher the SEER, the more energy will be converted directly into energy, and as a result you’ll see lower energy bills. The lower you go with the SEER number, the more you will pay to operate the system, and you’ll likely have higher energy bills for every month that you use the system.

Every homeowner has the potential to save with high-efficiency air conditioners, but those who use their systems a lot over the summer season and those who have high electricity costs stand to benefit the most.

Professional HVAC contractors have access to specialized tools to calculate lifetime costs. Work with your local contractor to run the numbers, and find out how much you stand to save by investing in a high-efficiency air conditioner. Together, you can calculate the air conditioner’s size, the cost of electricity, how many cooling degree days our local climate has, and the ideal SEER number for your particular situation. These tools allow you to compare different SEER-rated systems, and look at the savings potential over the next few decades to find out how quickly a unit will pay you back, and how much you stand to save.

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