If you want to cool just one room like your living room or bedroom or a tiny home, you may consider investing in an individual room AC unit. There are several types of individual room AC units available and several factors you should consider to help you get the best unit for your needs.

Types of Individual Room AC Units

Depending on the room in question and your budget, you can choose from the following AC units for single rooms:

  • Window units. These are suitable for small rooms, but failure to install them properly could lead to damage to your windows.
  • Portable air conditioners. They take up your floor space and need to be vented out through a nearby window.
  • Through-wall units. These are usually similar to window AC units, but you’ll need to have your wall cut for a through-wall unit to be installed.
  • Mini-split air conditioners. Mini-split systems can cool single rooms or your whole home. They work in a similar way to central air conditioners but don’t need ductwork.

Choose the Right BTUs

An air conditioner’s power is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Considering the BTUs of a unit can help you choose one that has the appropriate cooling power for your room size. You should choose:

  • 5,000 BTUs for a 100- to 150-square-foot room
  • 6,000 BTUs for 151 to 250 sq. ft.
  • 7,000 BTUs for 251 to 300 sq. ft.
  • 10,000 BTUs for 400 to 450 sq. ft.
  • 21,000 BTUs for 1,000 to 1,200 sq. ft.

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) tells you how efficient an AC unit is. You’ll probably find single-room units with an EER of at least 8. If you want the latest features and energy efficiency, choose a unit with a rating of at least 12. If you’re planning to have the air conditioner for five or more years, go for a unit with the highest efficiency rating that you can afford.

While most individual room AC units may be easy to install, you should hire an HVAC professional to install your unit safely and correctly for trouble-free operation. For assistance with choosing and installing AC units in the Indianapolisarea, contact the AC experts at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.