Heating System Problems: House Not Warming Up The most important function of a heating system is to keep the house comfortably warm safely and efficiently. If your home never quite reaches the comfort zone, or certain rooms remain stubbornly chilly, some element of your heating system isn’t getting the job done.

Gas-fired furnaces utilize a high-temperature open flame and produce hazardous combustion byproducts. For safety reasons, DIY troubleshooting and repair definitely isn’t recommended. A professional HVAC contractor is qualified and equipped to diagnose and resolve heating system problems.

Here are some issues that might affect your household comfort this winter:

Insufficient Airflow

If you hear the furnace turning on but heated air volume coming out of the supply vents feels insufficient, you may have airflow issues. One suspect is a dirty, clogged furnace air filter. This is one case where you can attempt a simple fix yourself: Replace the air filter and see if the situation improves. If not, call for professional help. A qualified HVAC service tech will check for furnace blower problems and/or ductwork issues like excessive leakage to diagnose the problem.

Excessive Heat Loss

Your house may lose heat faster than your furnace can generate it. Many existing houses are under-insulated — especially in the attic — by today’s higher standards. A professional can evaluate home insulation to determine if it meets current Department of Energy recommendations. The good news is that additional insulation can be added atop existing layers to improve effectiveness.

Another issue is heat loss through structural leakage. Small cracks and gaps in the home can seep heat energy into the colder outdoors, making the indoor environment less comfortable. Air sealing techniques can help cut heat loss and regain comfort.

Furnace Issues

Potential problems with low heat output from the furnace itself include clogged or corroded burners, excessive on/off cycling, inadequate venting, low gas pressure and a defective thermostat. All these require the expertise and equipment of a qualified HVAC technician to safely diagnose and repair.

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