Is a Heat Pump System Right for Your Indiana Home? Factors to ConsiderA large portion of a household’s annual energy budget is attributed to heating and cooling expenses. When weighing your replacement options, take a good look at the many benefits offered by heat pumps.

Benefits to Consider

Heat pump systems deliver many benefits and perks for all seasons, providing a practical heating and cooling solution in one package. These are some of the benefits:

  • A heat pump is up to 300 percent efficient (heat-energy output to energy consumed).
  • A heat pump can be combined with a furnace in a dual-fuel system, leveraging the most cost-effective energy source at any given time.
  • Heat pump systems provide dehumidification during the cooling degree days in greater Indianapolis.
  • With an add-on component, heat pumps can provide water heating during the cooling months less expensively than electric water heating.

Features to Consider

The following advanced components and features are really what allow heat pumps to deliver high-efficiency heating and cooling and superior indoor comfort to previous years.

  • Variable-speed air handlers and compressors precisely match the heating/cooling output to the heating/cooling load of the home.
  • Re-designed heat-exchange coils offer more surface area and grooved tubing for maximum heat exchange.
  • Ozone-friendly refrigerant (R410A-Puron) provides super-heating/cooling.

Factors to Consider

The scientific properties of heat-energy movement from a warmer location to a cooler location is duplicated by heat pumps, which manipulate refrigerant for home heating and cooling. This means the heat-exchange medium (most commonly air but also earth or water in geothermal systems) that a particular type of heat pump uses impacts its efficiency, and should be factored in your decision.

  • Air-source heat pump systems extract heat energy from outside air (in heating cycle), and move and release the heat energy inside the home. A backup heating source is required below the balance point where a standard heat pump begins struggling to extract adequate heat from the cold outside air (typically 32 degrees).
  • Dual-fuel systems combine a fuel-burning furnace and heat pump for ample and efficient home heating, using the most cost-effective energy source.
  • Geothermal heat-pump systems reign supreme for energy savings, comfort, reduced operating noise, life span and return on investment. Geothermal systems utilize ground or water for heat energy, last decades and boost home value.

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