Keep These Heat Pump Advantages in Mind When Choosing a New Cooling SystemHeat pump advantages rely on one central fact; instead of generating warmth, heat pumps move heat. In summer, just like a conventional air conditioner, a heat pump extracts indoor heat energy at the evaporator coil, then moves it outside to be dispersed into outdoor air. In winter, however, the heat pump system reverses and coils switch functions. The outdoor coil extracts latent heat from winter air. Heat energy is concentrated by the compressor, and then moved indoors where it’s dispersed into the ductwork to warm your home. The technology has become more efficient, and heat pumps are able to extract sufficient heat from winter air down to 28 degrees or lower.

A good time to consider upgrading to a heat pump is when either the existing A/C or furnace requires replacement. Shifting to a heat pump integrates the cooling and heating into one central unit. In most cases the existing ductwork already installed can be utilized as is. The steady increase seen in the residential market share is due to heat pump advantages discussed below.

Lower Operating Costs

Cooling with a heat pump costs approximately the same to operate as a conventional central A/C, heating requires only the electricity required to run the compressor and blower. Since no fuel like natural gas is consumed, heating costs can be expected to be 30 percent less than operating a separate gas or electric furnace.

Simplified Maintenance

Since both cooling and heating functions are incorporated into one central unit, heat pump maintenance is streamlined. Annual maintenance provided by a qualified HVAC technician is similar to standard central A/C upkeep and involves refrigerant measurement, coil cleaning and electrical checks. Monthly air filter changes can be handled by the homeowner.

Better Humidity Control

Because warmth isn’t produced by a gas burner flame or electrical resistance coils, indoor air is more moist during the winter. Dry air issues typically associated with cold weather are lessened.

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