Maintenance Tasks for Home Heat PumpsKeeping your heat pump in top condition is vital for your year-round comfort. By taking care of the following routine heat pump maintenance tasks, you can save up to 25 percent on annual energy consumption and decrease the risk of costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

Maintain Good Indoor Airflow

Clean the supply and return registers regularly, and make sure they’re not blocked by rugs, drapes or furniture. Unless your system is equipped with a variable-speed motor, keep the thermostat fan setting on “auto” so it doesn’t run continuously and degrade the heat pump’s performance.

Check the Air Filter Regularly

Examine the air filter monthly and replace it whenever you see signs of grime and dirt. If your home is excessively dusty, you may need to change it more frequently. To prevent damaging airflow restrictions, make sure you purchase replacement filters with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating that meets the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Give the Outdoor Unit Some TLC

Obstructions around the outdoor unit can also hinder proper airflow, so regularly check for and clear away tall vegetation, accumulated grass clippings, dead leaves or other yard debris. Dust and debris can also get inside the unit and build up on the condenser coil or cooling fan, so give it a gentle wash periodically with a garden hose.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Since a heat pump is used year-round to heat and cool your home, it needs preventive care in the spring and again in the fall. Before cooling season starts, a skilled HVAC technician should perform a comprehensive system tuneup that includes:

  • Checking and cleaning the indoor coil and blower unit.
  • Measuring for proper airflow over the coil.
  • Verifying proper refrigerant charge.
  • Lubricating the fan motors and examining the belts for wear.
  • Inspecting the electric terminals and connections and applying non-conductive coating.
  • Checking for accurate thermostat operation.
  • Testing the electrical control to make sure the system doesn’t accidentally switch over from cooling to heating mode.
  • Identifying and correcting ductwork leaks and obstructions.

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