HVAC warranty termsWhen faced with a new HVAC installation, many homeowners are a bit lost when deciding about a warranty. It helps to understand a bit about warranties before you go shopping for your HVAC system. Make sure you’ve got a handle on the HVAC warranty’s terms before you sign on the dotted line.

Two Kinds of Warranties with HVAC

For most HVAC installations, you’ll be looking at two distinct types of warranties: one for equipment from the manufacturer and one for labor from the installer.

The equipment warranty is generally an offer to replace defective parts during a certain period of time — say, five years. In general, that warranty extends to 10 years if you register the product with the manufacturer. Some contractors will offer to register it for you as part of the deal. It’s always good to look for an equipment warranty that will be extended to 10 years, whether it’s you that registers the product or your contractor does it.

The warranty for labor may differ significantly from contractor to contractor. For instance, a first class contractor might offer you a labor warranty for 10 years if you enroll in a service agreement after installation. If you decline the service agreement, you might get a two-year warranty (for example).

Regardless of what is offered, make sure you’re clear on the terms. Look closely at the prices of the various warranties and what’s included in the inspections.

Before you even get into the warranty discussion, talk to the contractor about pre-installation analysis, such as system sizing and load calculations. The more thoroughly the contractor performs this analysis, the better the installation. The better the installation, the less likely you are to use a warranty.

Look for a contractor who offers a 10-year warranty. This can be a sign that the contractor has well-trained technicians. A company that has confidence in its personnel and their ability to provide a quality installation won’t mind giving a 10-year warranty.

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