Have Optimal Home Comfort with These TipsMaintaining optimal home comfort can be a conundrum — especially for owners of older homes. Though, it doesn’t need to be an impossible problem to fix. If you are trying your best to optimize comfort in the middle of an Indianapolis winter, try these tips on for size each week of February.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is one of the most important systems in your home regarding comfort and energy efficiency. In fact, the U.S. EPA states that home insulation saves about 600 times more energy than Energy Star-qualified appliances, energy-efficient windows and CFLs all put together.

So, talk to your HVAC professional to find out the condition of your attic insulation and to see if you have enough of the fluff upstairs.

Air Filter

Free airflow through your home helps eliminate cold spots, saves energy and may also help prevent fiddling with the thermostat so often. Keep a supply of good high-efficiency filters on hand and change them when needed. If your home has uneven airflow in different rooms, you may need some HVAC maintenance to fix faulty ductwork.

Air Sealing

When the weather is beautiful outside, you may not mind leaky windows and doors. During the winter and summer seasons, however, air leaks in your home’s envelope are costly and very uncomfortable.

Caulk and weatherstripping of different materials and types can work wonders to help maintain optimal comfort, and sealing air leaks helps you maintain better indoor air quality. So, seal up those leaky windows and doors, and don’t forget to seal your attic.

Smart Thermostats

Once you’ve sealed and insulated your home, indoor temperatures should be more consistent and agreeable to your comfort and pocketbook. Now, you can replace your old thermostat with a modern programmable thermostat or even a WiFi thermostat hooked up to your home’s internet network.

So-called “smart” thermostats make it a breeze to help you maintain just the right temperature settings for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

For more home comfort and energy efficiency tips, or for help with these February tips, make Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing your home energy contractor of choice.

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