Get Comfort Control in Every Room of Your House With a Zoning SystemIt’s just a fact of nature that heat rises, some people like warmer homes, some people like cooler homes and there are going to be thermostat battles. Well, that may have been the case in the days before forced-air zoning systems were introduced. Keep reading to learn how a zoning system can give you complete control of comfort all over your home, and settle those thermostat wars once and for all.

Zoning System Basics

Conventional forced-air HVAC systems do their job well. However, there is room for improvement. Rather than send conditioned airflow to all of the rooms in a home — whether they’re occupied nor considering temperature preference — why not send conditioned air only to the rooms you want at the temperature you want at any given time?

A zoning system incorporates a network of temperature sensors installed in each zone. A zone is one or more rooms in your home that you designate. The sensors activate automatic doors installed in the air ducts that open or close — allow or restrict airflow — according to the programmed temperature for that zone. All of the sensors are programmed by a centrally-located smart thermostat.

Benefits of Zoned Temperature Control

Zoning systems offer personalized comfort in each room of your home 7/24/365. Fine-tuned comfort control can keep everyone in your home happy. For example, the temperature of upstairs and downstairs bedrooms can vary drastically — as much as 10 to 15 degrees. If you have a home office, you would be able to stay perfectly comfortable without wasting energy to heat or cool your entire home.

Additionally, your zoning system may be linked to your home’s WiFi network to give you total control from your smartphone or other Internet-enabled device.

Another benefit of zoning systems is a reduced heating and cooling load on your HVAC system. This may result in a longer service life and fewer repairs.

For the best results, work with an experienced and reputable HVAC contractor that can walk you through the process of designing a zoning system right for your Indianapolis home. Contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing to learn more.

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