Geothermal Tax Credits Offer a Great Incentive for This Type of SystemAre you thinking of replacing or upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system with a geothermal heat pump? Geothermal air conditioning is an excellent, energy-efficient way to maintain a comfortable home. And if you make the switch, you also can apply for federal geothermal tax credits.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

A geothermal heat pump uses the ambient heat that already exists a few feet underground to generate energy-efficient heating and cooling for a building. The system employs a loop system of buried (or submerged) pipes to transfer heat energy, via a water/anti-freeze solution, from the ground into your home during the heating season. They remove heat from the home during the cooling months and deposit it into the ground. Geothermal systems use less electricity than conventional air-source heat pumps because they transfer heat into/out of the moderate temperatures underground. It takes more power to extract heat from cold outside air in the winter or to expel heat into hot outside air in the summer.

Because of installation will require excavation for the loop field and skilled installation, geothermal systems can have a higher initial cost than other HVAC systems. However, underground loops can last over 50 years, offering significant savings over the equipment’s lifetime. A geothermal heat pump can be up to 70 percent more energy efficient than common traditional heating systems, and 50 percent more energy efficient than a conventional A/C or heat pump. You can apply for federal geothermal tax credits to help mitigate the high up-front costs.

Tax Credits

If you purchase and install a qualified geothermal system before Dec. 31, 2016, you should be eligible for a the 30 percent tax credit on those costs. The tax credit has no cap, and homeowners can apply for a full 30 percent of the installed cost. Indiana also has a number of state and local tax incentives, loan programs, and utility rebate programs that can make installing a geothermal system more cost-effective than ever before.

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