Your Gas Furnace: How Long Should It Last?When you’re trying to determine how long your gas furnace should last, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Generally, you should be able to expect to get about 15 to 20 years out of your gas furnace. However, with proper maintenance, a good furnace can last even longer. And, of course, the opposite it true, as well – a neglected furnace may give up the ghost in under a decade.

The service life of a gas furnace lasts depends on several factors including:

  • The quality of the unit
  • How often it’s used
  • How it’s used
  • Whether or not it has been maintained properly

Proper maintenance is crucial in order to make your furnace last you as long as it can. Depending on how often your gas furnace operates – something that’s closely tied to your area’s climate – there will be an expected amount of normal wear and tear on the furnace and its parts. This wear affects the efficiency of your furnace and can directly affect its various mechanisms, how much fuel it uses, and how much soot its burners produce.

By having your furnace inspected and maintained at least annually, you can ensure that it runs smoothly during its service life, which should run past whatever the average is for that model furnace. You can help in this regard by inspecting the furnace filter monthly, and changing it when it looks dirty. Keeping your registers clear of obstructions and dust is another strategy for keeping your furnace running strong.

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