Does Your Furnace Smell? Here’s How To Find The CulpritDuring the winter when your home is shut up tightly, unusual odors are more likely to appear in your home. Homeowners especially should be on high alert for odors that may be emanating from the furnace. That’s because unusual furnace smells can be an indication that the system is malfunctioning — and your safety could be at risk

Learn about some of the furnace smells you’ll notice in your home, along with how to address them.

  • High-efficiency furnaces are commonly used in the Indianapolis area due to our long heating season. However, these units are prone to unique problems, and emitting a musty or mildew odor is common. The greater amounts of moisture generated by a high-efficiency furnace often lead to mold growth. If you notice the smell of mildew or you can see mold anywhere on the system, schedule a service appointment with your reliable HVAC contractor.
  • Any type of furnace system that experiences electrical damage will emit a burning odor. When electrical wiring frays, the contacts wear or the motor’s bearings burn out, you’ll notice the smell of burning electrical components. Shut the furnace down immediately, and schedule emergency service.
  • The odor indicating natural gas is particularly concerning, as it is generally signals that the furnace or pipes are leaking gas. Natural gas doesn’t have an odor; however, utility companies add a chemical that smells like rotten eggs to natural gas so that it’s easily detectable. If you notice this odor, evacuate the home immediately and contact your fire department or gas company, or call 9-1-1.

Scheduling preventive maintenance for your furnace, and all other home systems that consume fuel, such as your water heater and gas stove, is the best course of preventive action against furnace smells and hazards. The service includes a comprehensive cleaning, along with critical safety inspections to identify problematic components before they become serious problems that will compromise the safety of home occupants.

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