Easy Ways to Tell if Your Furnace is Operating ProperlyIt is important to inspect your furnace and be aware of the signs that it may be malfunctioning. Malfunctioning furnaces can easily become safety hazards and you may need to consider a furnace replacement. Below are some of the indications that your furnace may have problems:

  • Unusual smells – Furnaces should not smell, so this is a clear sign that there is something wrong. Furnaces often produce strange smells the first time they are turned on after the summer; however, this should dissipate within a couple of hours. If the smell persists, this is an indication that you have dirty ducts or a clogged filter. If the smell is of burning plastic or of gas, this means that your furnace has a serious problem. You should turn it off along with the gas and leave your home until you can have it inspected and repaired.
  • Odd sounds – If you have had your furnace for a while, you know how it is supposed to sound. New sounds may indicate that something is malfunctioning. For example, electrical problems may produce snapping and crackling sounds while a slipping blower belt may produce squealing. Dirty gas burners may produce a low rumbling and a blower motor that is on its way out may make a humming noise. All of these noises point to major problems and the need for professional repair.
  • Strange appearance – In some cases, you will be able to tell when furnaces have issues just by looking at them. If there is excessive dirt on the exterior, this could mean you will have serious problems soon. Other symptoms include burn marks and a blower fan that is covered with dirt. If you open your burner compartment and see a yellow flame, this is an indication that your burners are dirty. Note that a yellow flame will produce more carbon monoxide than a blue one.

If your furnace is exhibiting any of the symptoms above, contact Make It Mowery for inspection and servicing. Our HVAC professionals can help to keep your Indianapolis home safe and comfortable.

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