Does Your Furnace Need Replacing? Signs That'll ConfirmAn efficient heating system is important to your family’s comfort and their health. Heating systems which are not operating properly use more power, increasing your expenses. There are many ways to verify the operation of your furnace to determine whether servicing is required.

  1. Age of the furnace
    If your system is getting close to 15 years old, it is time for you to start shopping for a replacement. One indication that your furnace needs replacing is the presence of a pilot light, which are no longer used in home furnaces.
  2. Rising utility costs
    Another clue that your system needs replacing could be rising power bills. Older furnaces, or those requiring maintenance operate less efficiently and will use more energy.
  3. Recent furnace repairs
    More repairs are necessary as your furnace ages, and parts may be harder to find. If repairs have been made in the last 2 years and are needed again, it could be an indication of more serious problems on the horizon.
  4. Thermostat operation
    If the thermostat has to be adjusted frequently, it could be an indication that the thermostat is going bad or that the furnace is no longer distributing air properly.
  5. Possible carbon monoxide contamination
    There are several signs of carbon monoxide related to your system, including yellowish or flickering furnace flame, sooty streaks around the furnace, excess moisture around doors or windows, and rust on furnace pipes.
  6. Unusual noises in the furnace
    Strange noises such as banging or squealing can indicate a furnace that needs replacing. Other indications are a furnace blower that runs constantly, or cycles on and off repeatedly.
  7. Family health concerns
    Irritated eyes, frequent headaches, flu or cold symptoms or nausea are possible indicators that your furnace needs replacing. Without correction, more serious health problems may occur.
  8. Indoor air quality
    Dry, dusty air, more frequent allergies, or a stale odor may indicate a problem with your air exchanger.

These are indications that you should have your heating system examined. For servicing or to find out whether your furnace needs replacing. Contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing to schedule a visit today!

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