What's a "Feels Like" Temperature?If your home feels too warm or chilly at times, but the thermostat reading says you should feel comfortable, there’s a disconnect between your actual comfort level — the “feels like” temperature — and what’s displayed on the thermostat screen. This discrepancy is often caused by the level of moisture, or humidity, in the air. Learning more about why it’s occurring can help you bring the two back into balance.

Effective Home Cooling and Humidity

High outdoor humidity directly affects how well your heat pump or air conditioner works. When there’s excess moisture in the air, the equipment may not be able to cool and dehumidify effectively. This can leave your home feeling sticky and decrease your comfort even when the thermostat’s temperature setting is being met.

Cooling Equipment Capacity and “Feels Like” Temperature

Cooling equipment that isn’t sized accurately can make temperature inconsistencies even worse. Oversized equipment satisfies the temperature setting on the thermostat too quickly, then shuts off again without removing sufficient humidity. This is called “short cycling,” and it can make your home feel too cold and clammy when the system is running, and then too hot and sticky when it shuts off.

How to Harmonize the “Feels Like” and Actual Temperatures

If you want to increase comfort and balance the “feels like” temperature and actual thermostat reading, an adequate amount of moisture needs to be pulled from the air. An experienced HVAC professional is your best source of advice on how to accomplish this, but here are some suggestions:

  • Keep up with routine equipment maintenance. Yearly maintenance keeps the equipment working at maximum efficiency and capacity, so it’s more effective at handling humidity.
  • Have a professional cooling system assessment. Have the equipment capacity checked, and get the ductwork inspected for any deficiencies, as both impact humidity control.
  • Investigate adding a dehumidifier. Adding a dehumidifier to the HVAC system can boost your comfort and lighten the equipment’s workload so you save energy and prolong its service life.

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