Fall Parties: HVAC Considerations for HostsAh, fall! It’s the time when the heat and humidity of summer should abate and be replaced by crisp, cool breezes and a freshening of the air. It’s also a time when many homeowners plan fall parties, be it informal football-watching gatherings or some Halloween fun for the kids. Whatever type of fall fling you put together, you’ll want to give some thought to HVAC considerations.

That’s right. The HVAC system. The truth is, no factor can ruin a party any quicker than your guests feeling too warm or too cold. So here are some suggestions on how you can ensure the temperature is just right:

Air Conditioner or Heating?

Since fall is a transitional time in Indianapolis, it’s a bit hard to predict if there will be Indian summer or early winter by the time your fall party happens. However, you can be prepared for either by ensuring that your HVAC system is running correctly.

Change the filter, and if you haven’t already done so, schedule preventative maintenance — particularly for the furnace or other heating system — to make sure it’s in good form for the cold weather ahead.

If it turns out that your party falls on a warmish day, you might turn on the ceiling fans. Sometimes gatherings with large numbers of people can make a house seem stuffy, even with the air conditioning on. A fan keeps the air circulating so that people feel cooler. You might also want to turn the air conditioner down a few degrees to help cool off the home after you’ve been cooking. And, since cooking may also raise the humidity level, turning the A/C down a notch or two will certainly help people feel a little less sticky.

If your party falls on a cold night, you’ll have the heat on, but monitor things carefully. A throng of people can make a room seem hot and stuffy, so don’t turn the thermostat up too high.

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