Start Saving This Spring With These 5 Energy TipsCleaning isn’t the only thing you should do to get your Indianapolis area home ready for the spring season. Implementing energy-saving tips not only saves you money; it increases your home comfort level and reduces your carbon footprint. The following five energy-saving tips will help you start saving this spring while increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

Turn Off Lights

This simple step is easier said than done. But if you can get your family into the habit of turning off the lights when not in the room, you will save energy and reduce energy costs. In addition, learn to manage your window coverings to take advantage of natural sunlight when you need help heating your home on a cool early spring day, or close them to avoid solar heat gain when it gets warm outside.

Use Ceiling Fans

During the spring before it gets hot outside, ceiling fans can keep your home feeling comfortable without having to turn on the energy-sucking air conditioner. Furthermore, a ceiling fan helps distribute air evenly through the room, which helps to reduce the load on your cooling or heating system.

Properly Set the Thermostat

Setting your thermostat too low in the summer or too high in the winter can greatly increase your energy costs. Most experts agree that you should set your thermostat to around 69 degrees during the heating season and 78 degrees during the cooling season.

Sign a Service Agreement

A service agreement ensures your heating and cooling system is functioning properly and safely. Not only does a well-maintained system last longer but it also uses less energy than HVAC equipment that hasn’t been well cared for.

Run a Dehumidifier

Excessive moisture in the air can make the temperature in your home feel warmer than it really is. This can lead you to turn your cooling system on to try to compensate for the humidity. Using a dehumidifier will reduce the humidity level in your home and help save you money on your energy costs. Plus it will make you feel more comfortable.

Implementing energy-saving tips into your everyday life is an environmentally friendly to save you money.

For more energy-saving tips, contact the experts at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. For over 40 years, we have provided a total indoor weather solution to residents and businesses in the Indianapolis area.

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