Energy Savers: 10 Tips That Will Make a Difference on Your Electric BillHave you been looking for tried and true energy savers for your Indianapolis home? With air conditioning season upon us, you can make a big difference on your electric bill if you implement some of these energy savers:

  1. Schedule A/C maintenance. Keeping your cooling and heating systems in good working condition results in proven benefits such as lower energy costs and reliable operation. Your HVAC contractor also likely offers annual service plans, making it more affordable to invest in maintenance.
  2. Size your system when upgrading. Failing to size the system may result in paying more for a larger system that’s not needed, as well as problems such as poor dehumidification, energy inefficiency, and increased wear and tear.
  3. Check the HVAC filter. Inspect the air filter every month, and replace it when it looks dirty.
  4. Use a programmable thermostat. Setting daily and weekly energy-saving schedules with a programmable thermostat is an important part of reducing your electric bill.
  5. Ask out about incentives and tax credits when replacing equipment. Federal tax credits are available for high-efficiency systems, while manufacturers and utility companies may offer incentives, too.
  6. Stop air infiltration. Warm air naturally travels toward cooler air. If your home’s exterior shell leaks, warm outside air will infiltrate the home, and encourage longer A/C operating cycles, driving energy costs up.
  7. Limit appliance use. Appliances in the home that generate heat raise the home’s cooling load. Limit their use to early morning or evening, when temperatures aren’t as warm.
  8. Switch inefficient lights for energy-efficient bulbs. New, efficient bulbs use less electricity, and it’s an easy energy saver for homeowners looking to save.
  9. Use ceiling fans. Running them while the A/C is on makes you feel cooler, and allows you to turn up the A/C a few degrees.
  10. Stop needless energy draws. Appliances and electronics may draw energy even when they’re in standby mode. Unplug devices when they’re not in use, or employ energy-saving settings to stop their energy draw when in “sleep” mode.

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