IEnd-of-Spring Energy Savingst’s always a relief when spring comes around and we can finally turn off the heating system for the season. For a brief time, before the weather heats up and we need the air conditioner, we can cut back on energy use. End of spring is also a great time to plan for summer savings. Here are some ways to do just that.

Tips for Summer Energy Savings

  1. Use window coverings strategically. Cover up east-facing windows with drapes or blinds in the morning to block the sun. In the afternoon, do the same with west-facing windows.
  2. Open windows in the morning. Close them in the afternoon. Let cool air in the house overnight and in the morning. Close windows in the afternoon to keep the cool air inside.
  3. Install ceiling fans with reversible blades. In warmer weather, set your ceiling fan blades to run counterclockwise to circulate the air. The windchill effect of the passing air helps keep you cool as perspiration evaporates on your skin. Reverse the blade direction in the winter to push heat down along the walls to floor level.
  4. Use the thermostat efficiently. If you have a programmable or Wi-fi thermostat, set it on a schedule to turn the thermostat up a few degrees during those times when you’re away from home or sleeping. You can program the A/C to run at a normal setting while you’re up and about at home.
  5. Use appliances judiciously. Don’t turn on the oven during the hottest times of the day. Use the microwave to heat food whenever possible. Buy prepared foods that need minimal heating to serve during the summer months.
  6. Keep the air filter changed. A clean air filter helps your system run more efficiently, so that the house stays cool and humidity levels remain low.
  7. Schedule maintenance. Regular maintenance will ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently by correcting minor issues before they become major repairs.

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