Still Suffering Allergies this Summer? Remove the Dust with These TipsYou may sneeze your way through an Indianapolis winter, thanks to flu and cold season. And in the spring, allergies may wreak havoc with your sinuses. If you are still sneezing in the summer, though, dust allergies may be the culprit.

Allergies to dust and dust mites are common, and they can trigger many unpleasant symptoms, including sneezing, runny noses, itchy eyes, and even asthma symptoms such as coughing, tightness in the chest and wheezing. If you or anyone in your family suffers from these types of allergies, here are a few things you can do to remove the dust from your home:

  • Use a good quality air filter for your forced-air cooling and heating system, and inspect the filter often, replacing it when it looks dirty. Upgrade to one of the thicker, higher-quality filters that need to be replaced less often while providing better protection from dust.
  • Check for leaks. There are four places where you will want to make sure that there are no air leaks: your clothes dryer, your ducts, the attic floor, and your home’s outer envelope. Air leaks in the vent duct of your clothes dryer could push lint into your home and create dust while air leaks in your ducts (especially your return ducts) can blow dust all over your house. Any cracks or crevices that let in air from the outside could be allowing smog and dust into your home.
  • Clean your ducts. You can remove the dust in your home with a vacuum and thorough cleaning, but it will not accomplish much if the ducts are blowing dust everywhere. Regular inspection of your ducts and HVAC system, with professional duct cleaning as needed, can help improve the air quality in your home.
  • Install an air cleaner. As part of your HVAC system, an air purification system can treat the air in your home and can help remove common allergens, microorganisms and a constellation of other airborne particulates.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock”