Tackle Ductless Maintenance to Keep Your System CleanDuctless mini splits are point-of-use systems that operate independently of other comfort systems in the home. They provide efficient zoned cooling and heating and are tenacious when it comes to blocking high energy bills. Make sure your ductless system is prepared to deliver maximum performance this season by tackling a few ductless maintenance tasks.

Ductless Maintenance

Ductless mini splits rely on unrestricted airflow into the indoor and outdoor cabinets to extract and release heat at peak efficiency. The difference in performance between a clean mini split and a neglected dirty system is substantial. Simply keeping components clean has a major impact on comfort and indoor air quality.

If you use your mini split frequently, check the air filter once a month. Most ductless mini splits have permanent and washable filters. Rinse the primary filter under warm water to flush out dirt buildup. Hand wash the pre-filter, and air dry the filters before re-installing.

Remove the cabinet and wipe it down. Inspect the evaporator and condensate pan for dirt, mold and algae. You can use a foaming coil cleaner to knock out dirt and grime buildup. If you see or smell mold and mildew, use a disinfecting coil cleaner.

Check the compressor and condenser cabinet located outside the home for airflow obstructions. Keep an eye on the cabinet through the season and remove weeds, debris or anything else that may block airflow. Wash the cabinet several times through the summer to keep the compressor and condenser clean. You may also use the foaming coil cleaner for the condenser. Spray the cleaner on the sides of the cabinet and spray off with the garden hose. Make sure all power is turned off to the mini-split during washing.

One common troubleshooting issue ductless systems face is ice accumulation on the indoor coil. This is either caused by a lack of airflow across the coil, incorrect refrigerant charge or a malfunction in the electrical system. If ice continues to return, call your HVAC technician to have a look.

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