Ductless System Myths BustedDuctless systems are gaining ground with homeowners looking for reliable, energy efficient HVAC options. The many benefits of ductless HVAC are becoming more well-known too, but you’re bound to still hear inaccurate information about the technology. To help you decide if mini-splits are the best option for your home, let’s bust some common ductless technology myths:

Myth 1

Ductless mini-splits work best as a source of supplemental heating/cooling

Truth: It’s a fact that ductless units are ideal if you need supplemental heating or cooling in one area of your home. However, a correctly-sized, properly-installed ductless system can efficiently heat and cool your entire house.

Myth 2

Mini-splits don’t need ducting, so you can install them anywhere

Truth: While mini-splits don’t require ductwork for air distribution, it’s vital to install them in a location that offers optimal temperature control and energy efficiency.

Myth 3

Ductless units need maintenance more often than traditional central HVAC systems

Truth: The advanced technology that ductless systems employ have caused a misconception that they need frequent maintenance. In fact, mini-splits only require the same semi-annual preventive maintenance as central split systems.

Myth 4

You can only install ductless units in a new – or existing – home

Truth: One of the advantages of going with ductless units is that they’re easily adapted to suit different installation requirements, which makes them the perfect option for both existing and new homes.

Myth 5

Going ductless means no more wasted energy

Truth: Since mini-splits don’t require an air distribution system, it’s true that you’ll eliminate air losses through ductwork leaks. To curb energy losses house-wide though, you’ll still need to insulate and weatherize to improve overall efficiency.

Myth 6

You can’t duct a mini-split system

Truth: In spite of the name, “ductless” mini-splits can be ducted. In a retrofit situation, it’s often possible to modify the home’s existing ductwork. In new construction, it’s easy to have a custom duct system designed to suit.

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