Should You Consider Ductless Mini Splits for Your Home?Ductless mini splits were designed to provide efficient heating and cooling for buildings without ducts or when extending existing air ducts was impractical. Ductless systems don’t obstruct window views nor do they pose a security risk like window units. If you are adding a room to your home, remodeling, or you just have one or more rooms that are difficult to keep comfortable, read on and you may discover that a ductless mini split is your best solution.

Ductless Basics and Benefits

If you take a conventional central heat pump and substantially shrink the size of the outdoor unit and indoor air-handling unit (AHU), then mount the shrunken AHU to any wall or ceiling in your home and connect a conduit, you would essentially have a ductless mini split. It is, in fact, the compact size of a ductless system that has given homeowners more choices when it comes to heating and cooling uncomfortable rooms, new additions and retrofits.

Following are more benefits of ductless mini split installations:

  • Versatile uses: The thin, flexible conduit may extend 50 feet or more, and it’s one of the primary parts that give ductless systems great versatility.
  • Efficiency: High-efficiency refrigerant, variable-speed compressors, zonal air conditioning and electronic expansion valves drive ductless system efficiency.
  • Heating power: Heat pumps are not known for their heating power when temperatures drop below freezing. However, ductless units may provide ample heating in single-digit temperatures.

Installing a Ductless System

Scout out where you would like the outdoor unit and indoor AHU installed. The outdoor unit needs a firm surface for mounting, such as concrete, paver stones or an exterior wall of your home. The indoor AHU is typically mounted high on a wall or to the ceiling.

Also, you have the option to locate the AHU in the cavity beyond a wall, ceiling surface or floor. The closer the outdoor and indoor units are to each other, the more efficient the system will operate.

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