If you’ve added to your home or remodeled previously unlivable space, consider a ductless mini-split to heat and air condition it. These systems use heat pump technology minus the ductwork to condition spaces. Mini-split systems have three main components. The first is the outdoor compressor that collects or exhausts heat to condition your home; the second is the interior air handler that blows the air into the space; the last component is the conduit that connects the compressor and air handler.

The benefits of these systems are considerable, ranging from easy installation to energy efficiency.


Because no ducts are required with the ductless mini-split, installation is fast. The HVAC technician drills a three-inch hole through the exterior wall for the conduit and connects the compressor and the air handler. The conduit contains the power source, the refrigerant line and the drainpipe. Smaller mini-splits run off 120-volts, making it easy to just plug the compressor into a standard home outlet.

Energy Efficiency

The lack of ducts contributes to the energy efficiency of these units. Ducts can account for 30 percent of the conditioning losses in forced-air systems, either through transference of heat or leaks in the ducts. Some mini-split compressors can support up to four air handlers for larger spaces. Since the air handlers run independent of each other, you need only heat or cool the spaces you’re using, cutting down on energy costs. Mini-splits that use variable-speed motors in the air handlers operate quietly, using significantly less electricity than single-speed motors. This type of ductless mini-split also removes more humidity during the summer because the air handler runs longer at slower speeds.


The air handlers sit on the floor or can be mounted from walls or ceilings. The mounted handlers usually have remotes to simplify operation. Since a compressor can support multiple units, it’s easy to expand the system if you continue to expand your home or workspace with building additions.

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