5 Dual-Fuel Heat Pump Benefits to ConsiderMany Indianapolis area homeowners have discovered the benefits of a dual-fuel heat pump and find these systems ideal for Central Indiana’s variable weather conditions. Dual-fuel heat pumps perform well in areas where winter temperatures drop below freezing for extended periods. They employ a gas furnace as the supplemental or emergency heating system for the electric air-source heat pump, when the outside temperatures get too cold for the heat pump to provide comfortable heating. They also provide a fuel option when gas prices become more economical for home heating than electricity rates.

Benefits of a Dual-Fuel Heat Pump System

  • Versatile. The heat pump system offers homeowners the benefits of both a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. The dual-fuel system adjusts automatically to outside temperatures, home comfort needs and the homeowner’s programmed preferences.
  • Efficient. A dual-heat pump system brings together the best of electric and natural gas heating systems to provide efficient home heating and cooling. The gas furnace assumes heating duties when the electric pump drops in performance, sparing you from the fluctuations in performance of a single fuel system.
  • Comfortable. In cold weather, it’s tough to beat a natural gas furnace for comfort, since it quickly heats up a space. A heat pump, however, tends to provide what’s been described as “cool heat” when temperatures outside fall below freezing.
  • Green. Most dual-fuel heat pump systems utilize the electric heat pump for approximately 85 percent of the time and the gas furnace the other 15 percent. This boosts the home’s energy efficiency and aids in maintaining sustainable energy use.
  • Cost effective. Don’t be discouraged by the initial purchase price of a dual-fuel heat pump. The system becomes increasingly more cost effective the longer it’s in use because of the amount of energy that’s saved over time. Lower energy bills for the life of the system save you money.

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