When you’re giving some thought to a new heating and cooling system for your home, consider dual fuel systems that help you save money nearly all year long. These systems combine the energy efficiency of air-source heat pumps with supplementary burners that use gas, oil or propane only when temperatures drop close to freezing and below.

Heat pumps use electricity to move heat from place to place. In the summer, the heat pump removes heat from the home and transports it outside, and in the winter, the heat pump brings it inside. A well-maintained air-source heat pump creates 300 percent more heat than the electricity they consume. This compares favorably to the highest rated fuel-burning furnaces that achieve 97 percent efficiency. Heat pumps have limitations, however, since heat is more difficult to extract from the outdoor air when the mercury reaches the freezing point. Dual fuel systems solve this problem by kicking in the fuel-burning supplementary unit during the coldest weather.

Instead of relying on combustion fuels all winter, you can use the natural heat in the air when the weather is warmer throughout the fall and spring, and even warmer days in the winter. If you have a newer furnace, it may be compatible with a heat pump, helping you lower your winter heating bills. The heat pump may also be compatible with a radiant heating system that uses any combustible fuel, including wood or coal.

When the dual fuel heat pump is installed, you or the HVAC technician can select the outdoor temperature at which you want the supplementary fuel system to operate. Switching to combustible fuel heating will make your home feel more comfortable as temperatures decline during the fall months.

Dual fuel heat pumps may also include equipment upgrades that improve your comfort and their energy efficiency, such as variable-speed motors or scroll compressors. If you’d like to learn more about these systems, contact Mowery Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing to learn more. We’ve been providing HVAC services throughout the Indianapolis area for more than 40 years.

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