Drain Cleaning: Why Chemical Cleaners May Not Be The Best SolutionMost plumbers will not recommend chemical drain cleaning products. The reason for this is because the chemicals found in these products can cause damage over time. These chemicals can dissolve or erode the pipes in your home, sometimes more easily than they eat away at the clog. While it’s uncommon for damage to occur with just one or a few uses, repeated use of these products over a prolonged period will damage your plumbing.

Chemical drain cleaners are not only bad for your pipes but they are also bad for the environment. They contaminate any water source that they may reach. They are also dangerous to keep in the home for pets and children. Plumbers risk injury if they come in contact with these chemicals while working on your plumbing.

A nice alternative to chemical drain cleaning is hydro-jetting. This procedure cleans your drains with extreme water pressure, no chemicals required. A high-powered jet of water pushing 1,500 to 4,000 pounds of water per minute through the pipes will clear away just about any tough clog. While hydro-jetting does require a trusted professional to perform, it’s safer for both your pipes and the environment.

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