Does Your Home Need a Plumbing Upgrade?The day-to-day operation of your home’s plumbing system is probably something you don’t give a lot of thought to until problems begin to crop up. If you’re starting to experience plumbing issues, it’s good to learn the telltale signs that a plumbing upgrade is needed before serious water damage occurs that requires costly repairs.

Warning Signs That Your Home Needs A Plumbing Upgrade

It’s wise to contact a licensed plumber and have your system assessed to see if an upgrade is warranted if you can relate to any of these situations:

  • Low water pressure. This can occur if your home has galvanized piping, which was commonly installed until the 1970s. These pipes can still look shiny and new outside because they’re treated to resist corrosion, even when the inside is almost completely blocked by a buildup of rust and corrosion.
  • Mixed materials. Oftentimes, only a portion of a home’s piping gets replaced. If a previous owner had this done and dielectric unions weren’t used to join the old galvanized to the new copper lines, your piping can deteriorate rapidly because these two metals aren’t compatible.
  • Old age. The various materials and components used in residential plumbing systems have a lifespan of about 60 years. If you have an older home and you’re fairly certain that the piping hasn’t been replaced, now’s the time for an upgrade before you start experiencing age-related problems.
  • General deterioration. If you check the accessible pipes in your home and discover any signs of decay, like discoloration, flaking or dimpling, you should have the system assessed before they deteriorate any further.
  • Discolored water. If you fill the bathtub and the water has a distinct orange-brown hue, you’re seeing rust that’s coming from the inside of your decaying pipes.
  • Frequent leaks and clogs. Repeated minor leaks and clogs are often signs that your plumbing system is starting to deteriorate. An experienced plumber can perform an inspection and tell you whether it’s time to upgrade.

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