Want Leaner Energy Bills? Then Lower Your Cooling LoadDuring the hot summer months, you’re likely running your air conditioner nearly continuously, especially during this particularly hot summer. And as you find out every month when the electric bill shows up in your mailbox, your A/C can also mean enormous energy bills. 

The cooling load of a building refers to the amount of energy that it takes to remove the heat and maintain your preferred temperature. In general, the higher your cooling load, the harder your air conditioning unit needs to work to keep your home cool. This translates into higher energy bills.

The good news is that you can take several steps to reduce your cooling load, and by extension, your energy bills. They include:

Shade your space from solar heat. Trees and large bushes can provide protection from the heat of the summer sun. You should also draw your shades or drapes during the day to help prevent the sun from warming your home. The main focus should be on the south- and west-facing sides of your home where the most solar heat gain occurs.

Keep all of your doors and windows closed during the main part of the day. At night, once the temperature outside cools down, you can open them again. Keep them open in the morning until things start warming up. (If it’s excessively humid outside, keep them closed all the time.)

Seal air leaks in your home. These air leaks can allow hot air to seep into your home. Some of the most common air leaks in your home can be found around doors and windows, around outlets, and next to baseboards.

Seal any cracks or gaps in your ducts.

Keep the lights in your home off during the day unless you need them. Although they don’t give off much heat individually, it can add up.

Use your oven and dryer only during the cooler nights and mornings. Rely on your microwave during the day to heat food. If you find that you must dry your clothes, either use a clothes line or make sure that your dryer is vented outside.

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