Cool Halloween Costumes: HVAC ThemeHalloween is nearly here! Whether you’re going to a party, taking the kids trick-or-treating, or staying home to hand out candy, you need a costume. Why not look to your HVAC system for inspiration? There are plenty of great Halloween costumes your system can deliver. For instance…


If you’re replacing your furnace, A/C, or other major appliance, don’t let the old one go without raiding it for spare parts. An old piece of ductwork, a small metal panel, a few gears, and some other odds and ends, can be great accessories for a robot costume.


Remember the slinky dog, from the Toy Story movies? You can create his body with a dryer venting tube, to make a great costume for your dog. Or alternately, a costume for you, if you can find something for the head and tail.

Ceiling fan.

If you have an old ceiling fan lying around, you can use the blades for a costume everyone will think is cool. Be careful where and how you mount them, though, as they could get a little heavy, especially if you’re wearing the costume all night.

Alternative ceiling fan.

If you’d rather not mess around with fan blades, just get a baseball cap and a pennant that say, “Go Ceilings!” And presto! You’re a ceiling fan. Get it?

Solar system.

You don’t need planets, stars, and asteroids for this costume. Get a few small solar panels and stick them on your shirt, pants, hat, and wherever else you can. You may not be the solar system, but you’re a solar system. As Halloween costumes go, it may not be out of this world, but it’s still a pretty bright idea. For added fun, freeze in place if anybody turns out the lights.

Window A/C.

The casing for an old window air conditioner can be repurposed as a costume for your child. Just take the front cover, with vent and controls, and add arm straps!

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