Controlling Dust All Over Your House and HVAC SystemControlling dust in your home can be tough. Sometimes it seems that no sooner do we clean it off our furniture and floors than it’s back again. And not only does it make it look as if we’re behind in the housework, but it can also compromise our indoor air quality.

What’s a Little Dust?

Although dust may seem relatively harmless, once you’re aware of what it is made of, you may think otherwise. Here are some of the substances often found in ordinary dust:

  • Soil particles
  • Pet dander
  • Skin and hair flakes
  • Insect parts and feces
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen

Some of these substances can cause allergic reactions. Dust may also aggravate asthma and other respiratory problems. It’s wise to keep it under control.

How to Control Dust

The first step to controlling dust is to keep it out of your home. Ask everyone to remove shoes before entering the house. Wipe off pets’ feet after they’ve been outside. Caulk around doors and windows to keep dust from entering through minute cracks. Install a door sweep on exterior doors.

Additional steps:

  • Keep pets brushed and clean.
  • Wash linens at least once a week.
  • Keep things tidy, picking up books, toys and other items so they don’t gather dust on the floor.
  • Vacuum upholstered items and carpets at least twice a week with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter.
  • Install a good quality, pleated air filter in the HVAC system. A filter rated MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) 8-12 will do a much better job than a cheap fiberglass filter of keeping dust from being circulated in your home. Electrostatic filters may also be effective in trapping dust particles.
  • Dust furniture with a microfiber cloth.
  • Sweep tile surfaces a couple of times a week. Follow up with a damp mop.
  • Take rugs and cushions outdoors every three months, and beat them with a broom handle to remove dust that’s settled in that the vacuum can’t reach.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Hans/Pixabay”