Going on Summer Vacation? Tips to Conserve Energy While You're AwayWhen it’s time to go on your summer vacation, gain an extra benefit by making some energy-saving changes in the home. Summer utility bills often run high due to increased cooling needs, but you can reduce this use when you’re not home. Here are ways to conserve energy while you’re away.

Turn Up the Thermostat

Turn up the thermostat about four or five degrees higher than you would keep it when you’re at work or sleeping.  Don’t turn the air conditioner off. It’s difficult to judge just how hot your home will get, and heat can damage structural components as well as electronics and other valuable items. If you have a programmable thermostat, program it to lower the temperature to your normal setting a day before your return. This way you will come back to a pleasantly cooled home.

Humidity may also become an issue if you turn your air conditioning off. During its normal cooling process, the A/C removes some moisture from indoor air. If you turn it off for the duration of your absence, you risk coming back to an abundance of mold and mildew growth in your home.

Shade Windows

Make sure you close all curtains and shades to prevent solar heat gain. An A/C won’t have to work as hard, and this means you’ll save on energy costs. While you’re at it, check around window and door frames for gaps that could let hot air in and conditioned air out.

Change the Air Filter Before You Go

A dirty air filter decreases airflow to the system, which reduces energy efficiency. Change the air filter before you go, even if it’s not time to change it normally. Better to be safe than sorry.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Before you leave, make sure to check around the outdoor unit of your cooling system. Obstructions to airflow here will also reduce energy efficiency. Clear away debris, such as dead leaves and branches.

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