3 Things That Might Go Wrong With Your A/C Condensate DrainWhen you’ve got a plumbing problem in your home, you want to handle it right away to prevent water damage. As surprising as it may be, your A/C system can create water problems in the home, too. Read on to learn about a few common A/C condensate drain problems and how to deal with them.

Mold and Algae Growth

Musty or earthy odors exuding from the duct vents is a telltale sign of condensate drain problems. The odors are indicative of mold development, which is likely on the evaporator or fins, in the drain system and perhaps inside the air ducts. Mold growth is a three-fold problem that adversely affects indoor air quality, cooling efficiency and the drain system. To rid cooling components of mold growth, deep clean the parts with a disinfecting coil cleaner.

Blocked Drain Trap

An advanced mold and algae problem can block the drain trap. As condensate drips from the evaporator coil, it carries dirt, mold and other contaminants with it. Water flows through the drain system by simple gravity, and drainage is usually slow. This gives mold and algae the perfect environment to accumulate.

A blocked drain trap will need to be cleaned out by an HVAC technician. If the drain system is showing signs of wear, you may be better off installing a new drain kit.

Malfunctioning Parts

As you’ve probably realized, A/C systems require regular professional and homeowner maintenance. As with any machine, parts wear out and eventually malfunction or fail completely. The condensate drip pan is susceptible to rust and cracking. If this occurs, condensate leaks out to either a backup drip pan or inside your home.

If a backup drip pan is in place, the float switch should activate and shut down the A/C when the pan fills with water. Your HVAC technician will need to repair the drain system and restart the cooling system.

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