Common Winter HVAC Concerns to Avoid Temperatures are already chilly in Indianapolis, and we can only expect the weather to get colder and showier as the weeks pass. Outside your home, you’ve probably already made everything shipshape in preparation for the winter storms by cleaning up debris, trimming back limbs and protecting the outdoor compressor from ice and snow getting inside.

But what about inside your home? Have you had your HVAC system checked out so its ready to perform at its peak?

Here are some winter HVAC concerns that homeowners frequently have to deal with:

Inefficient Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have been improved so newer models are available that work fairly well in winter, but if you don’t have one of these, you may have some issues keeping warm whenever the temperature falls below freezing. When that happens, you don’t want your electric heat pump struggling to keep the house warm, nor do you want it defaulting to auxiliary heating from electric-powered heat strips — which are far too expensive to operate in our climate. It’s best to turn to a gas- or oil-powered central heating system when temperatures plummet.

Broken parts on heat pumps may also cause them to perform poorly, as might frozen coils or fan, due to failure of the heat pump’s defrost feature during winter storms.

Cold Spots in Your Home

The reasons why your heating system is heating inconsistently can by many, including these:

  1. blocked register
  2. blocked, damaged or badly designed ductwork
  3. dirty air filter
  4. heating system wrongly sized for the home

Addressing these problems will likely fix the cold spots. You might also look into zoned heating, which involves installing a separate thermostat in different zones throughout the home.

Leaking Carbon Monoxide

Your gas-powered furnace produces carbon monoxide during the combustion process, and could possibly leak CO from backdrafting or a cracked heat exchanger. Be sure you have functioning CO monitors installed, and that you have your furnace checked out every year.

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