common HVAC issues

While today’s air conditioners and furnaces are more reliable, efficient, and long-lasting than ever, certain common HVAC issues may still occur under specific circumstances. Recognizing these problems doesn’t require great technical expertise, but resolving them usually calls for qualified professional service. Here are three examples of common HVAC issues that might visit your home when least expected.

  • Circuit breaker trips. Your HVAC system is running normally but then suddenly shuts itself off. Attempts to restart are not successful. Now what? Overloads that trip an HVAC circuit breaker may result from causes like a worn-out blower motor, defective air conditioner evaporator or condenser coil fan, or the AC compressor in the outside unit. Even a dirty, clogged air filter can cause the system to run almost nonstop, eventually triggering a circuit breaker. Professional service is required to track down and eliminate the source of the overload.
  • Refrigerant leaks. Circulating under pressure between the indoor and outdoor units of your central AC, refrigerant is the lifeblood of the cooling process. Even a pinhole leak in AC coils or tubing can cause symptoms like poor cooling performance, ice formation on the indoor coil, and even permanent damage to the expensive system compressor. Because refrigerant can only be handled by licensed HVAC contractors, a certified technician is required to trace the leak, then repair it and restore refrigerant charge to proper levels.
  • Water leaks. A central air conditioner generates gallons of water during normal operation on a hot, humid day. This condensation produced as warm indoor air passes through the frigid AC evaporator coil. Most of the time, the water is collected in a drip pan under the indoor central AC component, then channeled into the household drain system. However, blockage in the condensate drip pan or drain line — often caused by algae or mold growth — may cause overflows. Contact a qualified HVAC contractor to determine the exact cause, clear the clogs, and then sterilize the pan and drain line to prevent recurrence of this, one of the most common HVAC issues.

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