Choosing and Using Ceiling Fans: With a Basic Guide, It's a BreezeFor some people, a ceiling fan is hardly more than a decorative item. For energy-conscious folks, however, they’re a must-have to combat the summer heat without breaking the bank, and a great way to improve air circulation in a home. If you’re in the market for one, we have a few tips to help you in choosing and using ceiling fans.

Measuring for a new ceiling fan:

  • The first thing you should consider in a new ceiling fan are the dimensions of your room and the type of ceiling you have. A 36- to 44-inch diameter fan can serve a room of up to 225 square feet, while a 52-inch or larger diameter fan should be used in larger rooms. You can also use more than one smaller-diameter fans to cool a larger room or area.
  • For safety’s sake, you should never install a ceiling fan in a room with a ceiling lower than 8 feet high.
  • Vaulted ceilings will have to be measured carefully when choosing and using ceiling fans to give the blades the proper amount of space.

Other things to consider before purchase:

  • If your new fan will be used in a room with high moisture, i.e. a bathroom or outdoor porch, you should look for fans designed for these uses.
  • Lighting is a consideration as well. Many models come with pre-installed lighting kits, so make sure you find one that suits your needs.

Ceiling fans work with your air conditioner to cool your home, or on milder days can accomplish the job without the A/C running. A ceiling fan creates a wind-chill effect that makes the blowing air feel cooler. This allows you to raise the A/C thermostat three or four degrees without any loss of comfort, saving both energy and money. Just make sure that your new fan is not too close to a room air conditioner or central cooling duct registers. This could reduce energy efficiency. Also, always make sure to turn the fan off when nobody’s in the room, since the wind-chill effect is only useful when someone can feel it.

If you’d like more information about choosing and using ceiling fans and utilizing them to help cool your home, please contact us at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. You can also schedule a service call or request a quote online at your convenience.

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