Changing Your Thermostat Settings for the End of Daylight Saving On November 4th when daylight saving time ends, you’ll change the time on your clocks by an hour. To get your HVAC fully prepared for energy efficiency and comfort this winter, note that date on the calendar so you can make these changes related to your thermostat too:

Check that Your Thermostat Clock Falls Back

Most thermostats today adjust the time automatically twice a year, at the beginning and end of daylight saving time. It’s good to verify that the clock does go back in November, otherwise you’ll need to adjust it manually to keep your thermostat programming on schedule.

Make Sure Your HVAC is in Heating Mode

Now’s also a good time to check that you’ve changed the thermostat mode switch from cooling to heating to ensure that your home stays comfortably warm during the coming Indiana winter.

Re-evaluate the Programming

Once you’ve switched over to your heating system, it’s time to re-evaluate your programming so you can make seasonal adjustments. The following tips can help you set up a schedule to match your family’s routine that also provides the greatest comfort and energy savings:

  • Utilize temperature setbacks at night. When everyone is usually sleeping, set the temperature back by 10—15 degrees.
  • Make daytime adjustments for weekdays. If everyone heads off to work or school on weekdays, schedule a temperature setback of 10 degrees.
  • Use setback periods to reap maximum savings. Follow the U.S. Department of Energy’s advice and aim for eight-hour long daily setbacks.
  • Take warm up periods into consideration. Be sure to set a schedule that factors in the time it takes the furnace to reach your desired temperature, so your home is toasty warm when you get up or arrive back each day.

Replace the Thermostat Batteries

When you’re changing your thermostat settings, go ahead and replace the unit’s batteries too, so you won’t have to worry that this essential HVAC control will quit working unexpectedly during the winter.

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