Changing Air Filters: An Important Part of Your Spring RoutineOne of the easiest and most effective HVAC maintenance jobs you can do to keep your system performing well and your indoor air quality high is to regularly change the air filter in your furnace, A/C or heat pump. Air filters remove various contaminants from the indoor air before they enter your forced-air heating and cooling equipment.

How to Change Air Filters

While the procedure might be slightly different for your exact furnace, most require these same general steps:

  • Remove the access door.
  • Slide out filter.
  • Replace filter and put access door back on.

It’s really simple once you know what to do, but if you need guidance, refer to your equipment manual. While you’re at it, check what size filter is compatible with your system. Installing a filter that doesn’t fit can wreak havoc on your HVAC equipment.

One final key aspect of the procedure is to place the new filter in the right direction. Most filters will have an arrow on the frame indicating the direction of airflow; the new one should be installed with the arrow pointing that way, toward the furnace, A/C or heat pump.

Air filters should be inspected monthly and changed when they look dirty. You generally don’t want to keep them in the system for longer than three months, though some filters are designed to last longer. Check the manufacturer guidelines for that specific filter.

Benefits of Regular Filter Changes

  1. Better air quality: A clogged filter has a limited ability to remove more contaminants from your air.
  2. Higher efficiency: Contaminants can accumulate on system components (such as blower parts and A/C coils) and lower the efficiency of your system. Clean air filters prevent dust and debris from gumming up the works and slowing down your system.
  3. Lower risk of breakdowns: When there’s less room for air to get through the air filter, your blower motor will work harder to maintain airflow. This wear and tear is not only inefficient, but can lead to eventual breakdowns.

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