Ways to Remember to Change Your Air FilterYou know you need to change your air filter regularly. You know if you don’t, the system can become clogged, restricting airflow through your home and putting extra wear and tear on your system. You know that without changing your filter, you’ll be breathing in all sorts of dirt and contaminants. But the problem is remembering these things. By the time you think to replace your air filter, it’s already way overdue. So how can you remember? Here are a few tips.

  • Write it down. Your filter should be checked every month, and replaced usually every three to six months. So when you replace your filter, mark it on your calendar: one month hence, two months, etc. to check your filter and see if it needs replacing.
  • Set a reminder. Maybe you don’t check your calendar regularly. Fortunately, technology provides us an even more effective solution. Schedule a reminder on your phone, to let you know on the appropriate dates that it’s time to change your filter.
  • Create a visual reminder. How do you remember to change your car’s oil? The mechanic puts a sticker in the corner of your windshield that tells when you’ll need your next change. It’s inconspicuous, but still serves as a regular, visual reminder. You can do the same with your air filter. Put the filter in the laundry room, basement, or somewhere you’ll see it regularly. Write the date you next need to check or change your filter on a sticky note and put it on the filter. You now have a gentle, daily reminder of exactly when your next change is due.
  • Group it with other chores. What else do you have to do about every one to three months? Clean the gutters? Dust the blinds? Associate the chores together. Whenever you do one, do the other right after. Soon, doing the two together will become automatic, and you’ll never forget to change your filter again.

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