Vent Covers

The vent covers in your home are an important part of your HVAC system. These covers help make your home comfortable when it’s hot or cold out. Read on to learn more about vent covers so you can understand their function.

What Vent Covers Are For

Heated and cooled air flow through your ductwork and enter rooms through vents. Having vent covers over vent openings ensures that this air flows in a specific direction as needed. When you look at a vent cover, you’ll see several slats facing the same direction. Some vent covers have different sections of slats facing different directions. These slats direct heated or cooled air to certain areas of a room, which helps promote even heating or cooling. This can be helpful in larger rooms or in areas of a room that aren’t close to the vents. Heated or cooled air is able to reach these areas through vent covers.

Having these covers on vent openings helps reduce the risk of ending up with uneven cooling or heating in your home. Instead, all areas of a room should feel comfortably warm or cool. With these covers, you can also save money on your energy bills. When rooms are evenly heated or cooled, you won’t have your air-conditioning or heating system running as often to make up for hot or cold spots.

Vent-Cover Options

Vent-cover options include different designs or styles and colors. Some covers are simple models that have a plain design which you can paint to match the surrounding ceiling or wall. Other covers have a decorative design for added visual appeal. You can also find magnetic covers that provide an airtight environment around vents, which helps prevent air leaks. No matter what type of vent cover you get, you should make sure the slats will be facing the right directions to optimize heating and cooling.

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