Smart thermostats can be incredibly beneficial, improving comfort while saving energy. They’re generally designed for low-voltage systems, though. So, what if your system is high-voltage? Can you still install a smart thermostat in your home? Let’s take a look at what a high voltage smart thermostat means for you.

Low Voltage or Line Voltage

You first need to determine what kind of thermostat voltage you need. If you have a central air system with ductwork and a single thermostat that controls both the AC and the furnace, then it’s most likely a low voltage system (24V). However, if you have an alternate system, such as radiant floor or ceiling heating, baseboard heaters, or a ductless mini-split, you may have a high-voltage system, also called line voltage. These systems use 120V or 240V.

You can also look at the thermostat’s wiring. Low-voltage thermostats have a series of single, thin wires in multiple colors that are connected to a board. Line-voltage thermostats have thicker wires that are clustered together in groups. While they’re less common, they’re standard in about 10 percent of American households.

High Voltage Smart Thermostat Options

Smart thermostats with high-voltage compatibility used to be a difficult proposition, but in recent years, they’ve become more readily available. Instead of different controls for your floor heater, fan heater, AC, etc., you can have one thermostat that controls all your separate systems, just as if they were a single, central air system.

You can then control that thermostat from your mobile device so you can set the temperature even when you’re not at home, monitor your energy usage, and more. Some line-voltage smart thermostats even have geofencing capabilities to turn your heating system on or off based on your GPS location in relation to your house.

If you have a high-voltage system, a high voltage smart thermostat can be beneficial, giving you greater control over your heating and cooling while also saving energy and improving comfort.

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