hvac technologyThe future is here, and with it comes new advances in HVAC technology. Here are five of the most important systems and accessories to keep your home comfortable and save energy.

  1. Motion-sensor HVAC. Zoning systems divide your home into sections, only providing heating or cooling to the areas that need it. Motion-sensor systems take it a step further. Special rods in the ceiling can tell whether or not there’s someone in the room, only turning on the air when an area is occupied. That way, you’re not paying to heat or cool empty spaces.
  2. Learning Thermostat. Utilizing smart thermostat technology, learning thermostats can learn your heating and cooling preferences over time. Do you prefer it a little cooler at night or warm first thing in the morning? Learning thermostats get to know your patterns and after a few days, it can adjust to your ideal temperature automatically.
  3. Smart-air purifiers. There are plenty of air-filtration systems that can clean your air, but how can you be sure they’re doing their job? A smart air purifier actually analyzes and identifies the contaminants in your air and tracks them to show you how they increase or decrease over time. It lets you know what allergens you have to be careful of and helps you keep your air cleaner and more breathable.
  4. Smart fans. Are you still turning on your ceiling fan by reaching up to pull a chain? If so, then a smart fan may be just the HVAC technology you need. Controlled through your smartphone, you can turn it on or off from anywhere. You can also control the speed much more precisely, giving you the precise level of airflow you want without wasting energy.
  5. Thermally driven A/C. Effective solar-powered air conditioning is still in its early stages, but it promises to revolutionize the industry. The sun’s heat automatically powers a cooling system, allowing you to make your home comfortable without paying for electricity.

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