Regular boiler maintenance for your home’s heating system is critical to ensuring a well-functioning system. Keeping the boiler clean will help it operate efficiently, so you can enjoy a comfortably heated home throughout the long Indiana winter. But what should an HVAC technician do during boiler maintenance?

It’s helpful to know exactly how a boiler works to understand the maintenance tasks it requires. A boiler system is an enclosed tank of sorts that operates on the principle of combustion. Through combustion, heat is generated, warming water in the tank. Boilers are a highly effective, reliable form of heating; however, because the water is heated to boiling and produces steam that increases its volume by over 1,500 times, it can be dangerous system if it’s not cared for, due to the high pressure and force the system produces.

Two important components that should be checked regularly to ensure efficiency and safety include:

  • The low water fuel cut-off – If the water level becomes too low in the boiler, this component is designed to shut off the source of fuel to the boiler, using a float or probe to sense dangerous levels. If it isn’t working, the boiler system could overheat, which can lead to irreparable damage, and the boiler could explode.
  • Safety valves – These valves add a measure of defense against high pressure scenarios. When pressure in the boiler becomes too high, the valves will open to release some of that pressure. These valves must be in peak working condition to ensure safety.

Other critical boiler maintenance tasks include:

  • Regularly draining the system.
  • Removing scale buildup.
  • Replacing gaskets, hand- and man-hole covers.
  • Cleaning the entire system.
  • Evaluating and cleaning gas-related components, including burners and gauges.
  • Lubricating components like the fan and pump.
  • Checking for leaks.
  • Assessing for proper ventilation and combustion components.

Be sure that you have boiler maintenance performed each year, and you’ll lock in energy savings, comfort and safety. To schedule maintenance for your boiler system, or if it’s time to upgrade, contact the experts at Mowery Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. Serving Greater Indianapolis homeowners for over 40 years.

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