Reduce Unexpected Problems By Performing Boiler MaintenanceTo keep your system running smoothly and to ensure it lasts a long time, proper boiler maintenance is a necessary step. In fact, you can generate a higher return on investment by keeping the boiler in good working condition, as well as avoiding unexpected problems down the line, including breakdowns and high repair costs. These are some of the tasks an HVAC technician will perform when you schedule boiler maintenance:

  • Inspect the burner for proper operation, and clean it if necessary.
  • Check that the heat exchanger performs efficiently, and remove dirt buildup.
  • Ensure the seal around the boiler is tight.
  • Check the electrical components for any sign of damage or overheating.
  • Check the flue terminal, ensuring that it’s not obstructed.
  • Inspect the joints on the water pipes and gas pipes, ensuring that the seal is tight to prevent leaks.
  • Clean the casing around the boiler, removing any debris or dust that’s gathered.
  • Test the unit’s efficiency using specialized tools.
  • Check the combustion process, looking for signs of carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Inspect all safety controls.
  • Ensure that the low-water cutoff is functional.
  • Check the fireside of the boiler, cleaning out any debris.
  • Inspect the gaskets’ seal on all access doors to the boiler, replacing any worn gaskets as necessary.
  • Flush the boiler system, allowing the existing water to drain out of the unit, removing scale and sediment buildup in the process. Then, safely allow the unit to fill back up with water.
  • Inspect the air damper, and clean the damper and blower.
  • Check the motor’s operation, and clean the contacts.
  • Adjust the burner as necessary to achieve efficient and safe combustion.
  • Test the unit’s operating pressure by checking the pressure-relief valve, and adjust as necessary.
  • Check the operation of the high-limit control.
  • Test the function of the pressure tank. It should be filled with air, not water, for efficient and safe operation.

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