HVAC apps make living in Indianapolis’ continental climate a lot more comfortable by letting you manage your heating and cooling even when you’re not home. Here are some of the best options available today.


One of the more popular HVAC apps, tado offers products for radiators, for central and underfloor heating systems, and for air conditioners and heat pumps that use infrared (IR) remote controls. Create heating and cooling schedules, get data on indoor and outdoor conditions, and adjust temperatures in individual rooms. Optional geofencing helps you save energy by using your phone’s location data to turn on your HVAC system before you arrive and turn it off after you leave. The Care & Protect feature keeps an eye on your system’s performance and alerts you to signs of developing problems. The app can even tell you when you’ve left a window open.


The Sensibo device and app works with any air conditioner or heat pump with an IR remote control and gives you precision control over your indoor climate. Use the unlimited seven-day scheduling feature to maintain your ideal indoor conditions all day, every day. While the app lets you monitor the temperature and humidity, the Climate React feature means you don’t have to. Climate React lets you define triggers that tell the system how to operate based on your home’s temperature and humidity, protecting your home from extreme conditions. Like the tado HVAC apps, Sensibo also offers geofencing.


The AirPatrol device and app lets you monitor and control your IR remote control AC or heat pump from anywhere. Keep tabs on the room temperature and humidity, and control your heat pump’s mode, temperature setting, and fan speed as needed. The app can alert you to changes in your indoor climate conditions, warn you about power outages, and remind you when your system needs servicing. For locations where Wi-Fi is unreliable, AirPatrol offers the AirPatrol Nordic, which works over the mobile network.

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