Most homeowners don’t give much thought to the ventilation of their homes, but they should, especially when it comes to bathroom ventilation.

The bathroom is perhaps the most moisture-laden area of your home — and not in a good way. Residual moisture lingers in the bathroom long after a shower, when the toilet is flushed, or when water is run in the sink. That moisture creeps behind bathroom tile, baseboards, and walls, and can also collect on the ceiling, in corners, and in cabinets. Once damp conditions take hold, mold, fungus, and mildew can be the result, destroying drywall and wood.

Assessing Bathroom Ventilation

Chances are that your bathroom ventilation, if it exists, is inadequate. Here’s what you may be facing:

  • Ventilation ductwork doesn’t exhaust to the outdoors but rather into the attic or into ceiling joists, where moisture can collect and cause problems.
  • The ventilation fan may be inadequate to clear the moisture completely.
  • The system no longer works properly.

Replacing Your Ventilation System

You may replace or repair your ventilation system, or if you don’t have one, have a new one installed, along with ductwork that should be exhausted through the roof or a wall.

Look for these special features in a new or replacement system:

  • The ventilation system should be sized properly, according to the square footage of the bathroom. The system should be adequate to move a certain volume of air (measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFMS) out of the bathroom.
  • Look for an efficient system with the Energy Star label. The label indicates an appliance has been tested and rated for efficiency.
  • Look for a quiet system, with a low decibel rating. In the past, bathroom ventilation systems have been known for having loud fans, but these days, by paying a bit more, you can have a quiet system.
  • They cost more, but heat exchanger-type ventilator fans will prevent warm air from being exhausted outdoors by making use of it for heating.

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